Featured Authors

Brian Yui
Founder & C.E.O HouseRebate.com

Brian Tracy
Motivational Speaker & Trainer

Robert G. Allen
Co-Author of "One Minute Millionare"

William Emerson
Quicken Loans

Robert J. Bruss
Tax Specialist, Real Estate Columnist

Stewart Morris
President & C.E.O
Stewart Title Co.

Keith S. Fimian
Chairman, Founder
U.S. Inspect

Michael Fergus
President, Sirva Global Moving


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Put 8 of the world's smartest real estate experts to work for you!

The Complete Resource
That Answers Your
Every Question
About Buying a Home

Did you know that it can take less cash to buy a home than it does to rent an apartment? Did you know that you can use creative strategies to avoid hefty down payments and huge mortgage payments? Without the advice of this book’s experts, you could lose thousands of dollars by choosing the wrong loan, the wrong home inspector and missing out on the tax savings you’re entitled to!

Our experts will help you figure out how to get the most out of every single dollar. You'll learn how to:

Choose the right real estate agent
Get the best loan
Find a reputable home inspector
Negotiate like a pro
Know which questions to ask so you can make educated decisions on every aspect of home buying.

You also will learn the TOP questions you MUST ask when buying a home. Questions like:

Are there special mortgages for first-time home buyers?
What are discount points?
How do you choose the right lender?
How do 15-year and 30-year loans compare?
How can you use the Internet to save a bundle on home buying?
How can you save a fortune on commission without going it alone?

Home Buying by the Experts answers those questions and hundreds more.

"For under fifteen bucks, this book can save you thousands! I wish it had been around when I bought my first home."

- Craig A. Nelson
Executive V.P. & Manager
First National Bank

It's time for you to profit from the pros' experience. Whether you're a first time-home buyer or a seasoned veteran, get the edge with advice straight from the experts.

There isn't a single tip in this book worth less than the $14.95 price!

Dear Soon-to-Be Home Owner,

If you're anything like me, you work hard for your money. Imagine buying a car without asking any questions. Or a new TV without comparison shopping. The truth is, those purchases are minor compared to buying a home. That's why we brought you some of the nation's leading real estate experts to reveal the inside scoop on home buying (and save you a fortune!)

I'm a real estate professional who founded one of the nation's first online brokerages. I asked top experts to share their decades of experience in every aspect of home buying in this revolutionary book. With Home Buying by the Experts,
you'll get proven strategies and advice straight from:

  • Robert G. Allen, Co-Author of The New York Times bestseller One Minute Millionaire and Nothing Down
  • William Emerson, C.E.O. of Quicken Loans, the nation's largest online mortgage lender.
  • Robert J. Bruss, Tax Specialist and nationally syndicated Real Estate Columnist.
  • Stewart Morris Jr., President and C.E.O. of Stewart Title.
  • Keith S. Fimian Founder and Chairman of U.S. Inspect, the nation's leading provider of property inspection services.
  • Michael Fergus Retired President of SIRVA Global Moving
  • Brian Tracy One of the world's best known Motivational Speakers and Trainers.
The smartest home buyers know that when they're house-hunting or negotiating to buy, information is power! You've got to be armed with the kind of knowledge that comes from years of experience. Home Buying by the Experts is packed cover to cover with priceless information, real-life examples and practical tips you can use!

If you're still not sure you're the kind of person who wants to beat the competition and save thousands of dollars, here's some incentive: Order today and receive up to $3,200.00 in AMAZING bonus gifts, just for proving that you're a savvy home buyer!

The best experts, invaluable advice, hundreds of money-saving strategies (and well-kept secrets): For $14.95, how can you NOT buy this book?

Your friend,

Brian Yui
Co-Author & C.E.O., HouseRebate.com

"You've assembled an all-star team to show the novice (as well as the pro) each step in the home buying process. Each and every home buying facet is covered in surprisingly easy-to-digest bite size steps that led me through the purchase process"

- Tim O'Keefe
Spider Juice Technologies

Eliminate the excuses . . .
How many times have you said:
"I'm not sure I can afford to buy a home."
"I can't come up with a large down payment."
"There's so much to know, I don't know where to start."
"I have nowhere to turn for help that I trust."
"My credit history isn't great."
Get over it. The solutions to these excuses and MANY more can be found in Home Buying by the Experts. World-renown author of No Money Down, Robert Allen, lets you in on the secrets of BUYING PROPERTY WITHOUT A DOWN PAYMENT. Still not sure you've got what it takes to buy? Then take a look at what best-selling motivational speaker Brian Tracy has to say about setting goals.

Throughout this book, there are insiders' tips and examples. The kind you can only get from the C.E.O.s of leading real estate companies designed to save you time and money.

You'll learn from our experts how to:
Profit from professionals' tips on home buying (from experts with more than 200 years combined experience).
Make sense of mortgagesand learn scoop on new loans that can put home buying within your reach.
Buy a home with no money down and get creative with financing.
Find out how much home you can affordand discover the benefits of buying vs. renting.
Cash in on every tax deduction you're entitled to.

Still not sure? We are, and that's why this book is 100% guaranteed. If you think you know more than our experts, or you don't agree that this book is a winner, simply mail it back within 30 days and we'll refund your money.

"I didn't even know how many costly mistakes I made on my first house until I read your book. I just bought my second home and with your help, I saved thousands. Thanks a million to your team!"

- Sylvia Stevens
San Diego, CA

Shouldn't You Get The Same Advice As Millionaire Investors?

How could you get real estate authorities to reveal the secrets that are the keys to success? How would you persuade them to help save you tens of thousands of dollars and make your dream home a reality? We've done all that and more for you in one must-read book.

With Home Buying by the Experts You Can:

Know what to look for in a home (these are the secrets that only professional real estate investors know).
Beat the IRS, and take advantage of every deduction your deserve.
Make banks work for you, they've got money to lend and the experts show you how to get it.
Negotiate like a pro, and get the best deal possible.

Even if your best friend is a Real estate agent...

You're not going to have access to all of the information in this one book at your fingertips.

Tired of Renting?

Stop supporting your landlord and start investing in your new home today. Begin by answering a few questions to assess your home buying potential. Find out what you can afford and where. Know exactly where you stand with advice straight from the pros' mouths.

Consult with the world's top real estate experts for under $15.

We've all paid a small fortune to doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers who've spent years learning their professions. Right now, for only $14.95, you can learn everything you need to know from some of the nation's leading home buying pros.

Easy to Use

Understand loan points, but nervous about negotiation with the seller? Home Buying by the Experts has got you covered from cover to cover. Skip to the part you need or want to learn more about with the easy-to-use table of contents and index. Tips and special notes are highlighted for easy viewing and recognition.

It's never too early to start your home buying education . . .

Even if you're not planning to buy for a few years, use our personal finance tips to help manage your money, learn how to set goals, and use our negotiating tools to get ahead in daily life. Practice makes perfect, just ask the pros!

You know someone who can benefit from our experts' advice. A co-worker who's spends weekends looking at open houses, a nephew who's recently married, a friend who can never scrape enough money together for a down payment. Home Buying by the Experts can put home ownership within reach for almost everyone!

"A must read for every home buyer, written by the best in the business!"

-John Assaraf, New York Times
best-selling author and RE/MAX regional owner

It's All Inside! You Can Find Out:
When you should apply for a mortgage
How you can get around troublesome credit
What to look for in a home not just for your family, but for resale
How you can break a bidding deadlock
Everything you need to know about the closing process

The bottom line is that by learning about home buying before diving in, you're less likely to make costly and irreversible mistakes. Understanding what loan options are best for you, calculating your monthly expenses with a simple chart and finding a thorough and experienced inspector could save you possibly thousands of dollars in the long run.

With Home Buying by the Experts, You Can:
Get the edge over other buyers in a hot market.
Leverage your talents instead of cash-for a down payment
Be a smart shopper with the complete inside-outside home checklist.
Discover the Top 10 Mistakes most homebuyers make and save a fortune!
Arm yourself with negotiating strategies from the experts and keep your cool.
Understand contracts and the closing process-without going to law school.
Discover the secrets of the pros to make your biggest purchase your best purchase.

Don't Wait Another Minute!

Tired of watching other people move into their dream homes?

Stop procrastinating and get in the game! Put the techniques in Home Buying by the Experts to the test and you'll be waving goodbye to your landlord in no time.

If you or anyone you know will be buying a home in the next five years, you need this book.

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned veteran, there are home buying fundamentals that every consumer should know. Real estate experts provide you with all the advice you need on every step leading to the front door of your dream home.
Get organized and motivated with Brian Tracy, world-famous trainer and speaker
Discover the right home for you and use the Internet to save time and money with tips from Brian Yui of HouseRebate.com
Buy a home with no money down with advice from best-selling expert Robert Allen
Get the lowdown on mortgages, rates and points from Bill Emerson of Quicken Loans
Keith Fimian of U.S. Inspect helps you avoid costly mistakes with the scoop on home inspections
Understand the closing process with easy guidelines from Stewart Morris, Jr. of Stewart Title Company
Move like a pro with help from Mike Fergus of SIRVA Global Moving
Get every tax break you can with advice from the "Dear Abby of Real Estate" Bob Bruss

You'll also get tons of checklists, real-life examples, fill-in worksheets to help you comparison shop, sample forms, Internet resources, a huge glossary, and much, much more.

Tired of watching other people move into their dream homes?

The key is the quality of the contributors . . .

Packed with chapters from bestselling authors and industry giants, this book contains a wealth of knowledge from the pros in the know. With everything you need in one volume, it's like having the "A" team of personal home-buying coaches who're there for you every step of the way.

The truth is, there's hardly anyone who doesn't need this book! Buy one for yourself and a couple for friends or family and the bonuses start stacking up:

  • Get the inside scoop on home-buying from the world's top experts
  • Increase your buying power with insider tips
  • Learn how to avoid the top 10 mistakes home buyers make
  • Buy a home with no money down
  • Learn how to negotiate for hot properties
  • Use savvy buyers' examples and checklists to make homebuying easy